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ODM Roofing


ODM Roofing Services offers a variety of services from roof repairs to new roof replacements to both commercial and residential roof systems. We also install/repair gutters, downspouts, skylights, and siding as well we help you in giving you options in maintaining your roof system in good conditions to extend the life of your roof. To put our customers mind at ease we also offer 24 hour emergency services.

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • 24 Hr Emergency Repair

Commercial Roofing

We work on all types of commercial buildings such as retail stores, warehouses, offices, churches and many more. ODM Roofing Services is dedicated to helping property owners and managers by providing great customer service and making sure that you get the right commercial roof for your building and keeping it well maintained so you can be stress free.

  • Flat roofs
  • Singly-ply roofing membrane (TPO & EPDM)
  • Liquid Applied systems
  • Metal roofs
  • Shingle roofs

When looking into replacing a commercial roof you should know that it varies greatly from a residential roof. Installing a commercial roof is trickier than a residential roof there's a considerable amount of work that needs to be done, that's why more time goes into installing a commercial roof. ODM Roofing Services offers the best roofing and workmanship warranty available we will make sure to guide our customers every step of the way through the process.

ODM Roofing services provides all types of repairs for your commercial roof. For example gutters, downspouts, skylight, roof drains, roof leaks, flashing repairs, built-up roof repairs etc. When you have a roof leak we will make sure to inspect and locate the source quickly. Then we will make the necessary repairs in a timely manner so your personnel or operations are not interrupted.

ODM Roofing Services will inspect your roof system and provide you with pictures and an inspection report with recommendations ideal for your roof system and budget.

Having the proper maintenance on your roof system is very important it can help extend the life of your roof. Often times we forget that having our roofs maintained can also help prevent/reduce any potential water damage to the interior of the building. It is recommended to have the roofs inspected at least twice a year once in the spring and another one in the late fall before the winter weather.

Residential Roofing

We understand that it's already stressful that you have a roof leak or need to replace your roof because it's damaged or worn out. It's never an easy expense but it's something that has to be done since it's the main structure of your home and protects your family.

ODM Roofing Services is a professional company that understands your concerns and we are here to serve you and offer the best quality for your residential roof.

  • Asphalt shingles (lifespan 20 to 25 yrs)
  • Slate
  • Metal roofing
  • Flat roofs

ODM Roofing Services wants to help you make the right decision when it comes to you replacing your roof in both quality and your budget.

When looking into replacing your roof think of some of the pros it will bring to you. It will improve the market value to your home, add beautiful curb appeal and the peace of mind that you and your family are well protected by a professionally installed roof.

We will help you get the best quality for your investment and we offer manufacturer and workmanship warranty. Ask for your free estimate today!

We offer roof repairs that depending on the age or conditions of your roof system it can often fix the problem temporarily or for many years to come.

It's always good to check right away if you suspect that there is any substantial damage either caused by the inclement weather or just from wear and tear. This will help prevent for the damage to get even worse or make further damages.

We will inspect the area and locate the source quickly. We will make the necessary repairs so you may continue with your everyday life and not worrying about a leaky roof.

ODM Roofing Services experts will come out and inspect your roof and provide you with pictures and an inspection report with recommendations of the repairs needed for your roof.

To maintain your roof in good conditions it's always recommended to have them inspected twice a year once in the spring and another in the late fall before the winter weather. Even if you have a new roof or you feel that your roof is not too worn out it's always best to keep it well maintained.

Being proactive and getting preventative maintenance will help prolong the life of your roof and in the long run help minimize the cost of a full roof replacement.

Another thing to keep in mind many manufactures always look into that you as the owner have done your part in keeping your roof well maintained for warranty purposes.

24 Hr Emergency Repair

ODM Roofing Services has 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week 365 days a year. When the unthinkable happens don't think about it twice call us right away at 240-381-9548 and one of our representatives will answer your call then we will dispatch a crew in a timely scheduled manner.

Our crew members are especially equipped to work under drastic conditions with our specialized material that can be used under wet conditions. They are properly trained to follow our safety procedures while making the necessary repairs.

Whether it's damage from a storm or a roof leak once our crew members are on site they will assess the area and will promptly work on containing or minimizing any further damaged to your family and possessions.

Once our crew has stabilized the situation we will then schedule a more thorough inspection and plan out for a permanent repair or replacement depending on the findings.

Other Products & Services

The roof is not the only important item that needs careful selection and maintenance. ODM Roofing Services also installs/repairs gutters, downspouts, siding and skylights.

For a good roof to do its job it needs a properly installed and working gutter system. Make sure your roof investment goes further with a good quality gutter system that will ensure a longer lasting roof which will save you money over life of the roof.

Siding will add a nice curb appeal to your home and skylights will add additional light to your home where needed. We will help you make the right selection for you and your home within your budget.

Gutters & Downspouts

We offer different gutter cleaning plans to help you keep them clean of debris and have them working properly for the water to flow. Depending on your home needs we will recommend you the best gutter cleaning plan so you won't have to worry when it rains of them not working properly and having water all over the place.

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Seamless aluminum
  • Steel
  • Vinyl siding- durable, affordable, low maintenance, huge selection of patterns and colors, no painting needed, environment friendly, water resistant
  • Fiber cement siding- durable, look of wood or masonry, termite resistant, water resistant, may be needed to paint every 7 to 10 years
  • Vented (AKA Roof window)- provides additional light to rooms that need it, no ventilation, it's designed for out of reach areas
  • Fixed- provides additional light to rooms that need it, manual & electric operation, provides ventilation to rooms with excess moisture
  • Increase home value
  • Energy efficient
  • Helps with how well insulated a home is kept
  • Low or no maintenance needed
  • Vinyl siding can easily be kept by an occasional rinse with soap and water making it look fresh
  • Prevents water damaged to the siding
  • Erosion can be prevented to help preserve landscaping
  • Settling and cracking of sidewalks, patios & driveways can be lessened
  • Gutters need to be maintained clean of debris and working properly to prevent water leaks into the home causing damaged inside
  • Deterioration of gutters can cause leaks and eventually failure